The Predictive Accountant

You may not be aware that many conversations within your practice or with a client already contain data analytics and advisory components. Whether you’re lodging business and tax documents, preparing financial reports and audits, or undertaking more complex tasks like advising on business structures, self-managed super funds or strategic business decision making, you’re exposed to and analysing data. Can you imagine the constructive things you could do with it all?

Become the Predictive Accountant

The Predictive Accountant (TPA) enables you to leverage accounting data, new information sources and analytics software to find patterns and trends. Use tools and resources to automate data analysis and visually represent relationships in the data so you can glean business insights. Create dashboards that you can share with clients to highlight why they’re performing well and identify where their future opportunities and risks lie.

TPA has client scenario-based tools and resources, templates and dashboards to guide you. Become data and insights savvy, and develop a strong advisory practice through undertaking client conversations that focus less about the past and more about the future. However you choose to incorporate data analytics and predictive services into your practice, you'll have increased familiarity with and readiness to face challenges brought about by global megatrends such as digital transformation.

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